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You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

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Name:Richard B Riddick
Birthdate:Jan 12

This is an account for the character Richard B Riddick from Pitch Black and the ensuing cinematic adventures. Long story short he's the one of the last few of a race that to most are little more than myth, a man foretold in a prophecy spoken to a Lord more dead than alive. He's spent more of his life in and out of slams than he has as a free man, exists as something closer to a force of nature with a human heart than a man, to hear most tell it anyway. It's not far from the truth; Riddick is a predator through and through, just one that's slowly learned to co-habitate with the humans he stalks alongside.

You're not afraid of the dark, are you?

General Outline for those unfamiliar with the muse:

Riddick is, physically speaking, your bog-standard human (mostly). He's stronger, faster, and more agile than his size and build should be capable of, but it's nothing most would notice unless he's either trying or his version of playing; he'll keep it to within human-standard for most interactions unless either he's not paying attention or he's been sparked towards aggressive just because he likes headgames and it suits him to play Human until it doesn't anymore (that it's only been within the past five years or so that he's actually known he's not quite baseline human). That being said, he's catlike in movements, with a marked tendency towards guerrilla tactics, meaning that it's not entirely unusual to find him lurking somewhere you don't expect him to be, even if it's right under your nose. He's got a sense of smell on par with a dog's, or at least close to, meaning he can smell fear, pheromones, sickness, and blood without trying, as well as track largely unerringly, and has a much higher tolerance to toxins, including tranq darts and sedatives, and greater endurance and pain threshold/tolerance. He's got no sense of fear (or at least very little), an in-built predatory instinct that's bred right into his genes, and a moral compass that's cleaner than it looks but is still fairly tarnished that's also standard for the model (it's a Furyan thing, they were the watchdogs for the galaxy before they got hunted almost to extinction).

Less natural are his eyes. Thanks to some creative surgery he got during one of his incarcerations (or so he'll tell you if you ask, it's actually an Alpha Furyan thing), his irises are a weird milky silver now, without visible pupils. It makes for great night vision, operating somewhere between infrared and ultraviolet (they're not that clear about which but there's aspects of both) but not so great vision in lighted environments, necessitating a pair of tinted goggles he wears the rest of the time.

He's also recently (read: within the past five years or so) picked up the "Furyan Rage" (or the "Wrath of the Furyans", depending on who you ask), which is essentially the collective anguish, pain, suffering, and anger of the billions of Furyans who didn't escape the Necromonger slaughter. It's expressed as a glowing blue handprint the size of an adult female hand imprinted on his left pectoral, but is generally only visible when he makes use of it. When channeled, generally unconsciously during times of extreme duress or threat of death, it gives him increased strength and endurance, and if pushed far enough can result in the discharge of an energy pulse that can knock out anyone in a twenty foot radius (although this tends to include Riddick himself). Most often, however, the only sign is a brief glow of his eyes that passes quickly when he calls on the extra strength and endurance.

[DISCLAIMER: Not actually Riddick, not Vin Diesel, I just borrow the likenesses of both for fun, never profit. Mun and muse are over 21, no offense is intended. Due to the nature of the character and the 'verse he's from there's a high likelihood of incidence of and reference to violence, the penal system, criminal behavior, creepy behavior up to and including references to and observations about sex and drugs, as well as other distinctly personal observations (he's got an inhuman sense of smell and zero interest in manners okay). If any of this potentially offends or disturbs you in any way, please proceed no further.]
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